Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Teens access useful health info on the internet

They may be stubborn, reclusive, negative, even, but a recent study showed that teens do check on the internet for health info--if only to avoid asking the parental units.

In a story in the Washington Post by Lena H. Sun (June 2, 2015), one-quarter of the teens surveyed went online looking for health info about themselves or a family member.

A third changed their health habits--such as vaping or drinking soda, based on their research.

They also looked up things such as exercise, diet and nutrition, puberty, drugs, sex, and depression.

Eight-eight percent said they did not feel comfortable with airing these on Facebook.

So the "coach" and the health classes are becoming passe?


A concern, though, is that teens do not always see the difference between a commercially sponsored site (say on eCigs) and an objective one. Teens--and everyone else.

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