Thursday, July 09, 2015

Disaster--Pimple on the big day

Wedding day, class photo, big date--ack, a giant honking pimple!

Dr Kaleroy Papantoniou of Advanced Dermatology has some tips for emergency action.

--Ice it. Put a cube in a soft cloth and apply to the area for 20-30 seconds. Rest a minute. Repeat. Don't press hard and don't leave it on too long.

--Apply an over-the-counter acne preparation containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A 2.5% of  concentration of the benzoyl peroxide is enough.

--Apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream--1%. (Do not use every day--just for emergencies.)

--Eye drops that "take the red out" can reduce redness and irritation. Look for tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.  You can even chill the drops first.

--Conceal the blemish with a heavy-duty cosmetic concealer. Blend carefully.


--Pick, pop or squeeze.

--Don't use aspirin, toothpaste or other home remedies.

--Don't expect a facial or chemical peel to be a quick fix.

--Don't overuse astringents. Natural astringents include witch hazel and and lemon juice (dilute with water),

--Don't use undiluted tea tree oil.

For a total emergency, your doctor could inject low potency cortisone. That would have to be some hair-on-fire emergency!

Charles of the Ritz used to make a preparation called DISASTER CREAM...liked that name.

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