Friday, July 31, 2015

Doctors' innermost thoughts

The Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is fielding a new online evaluation (CasPER) to learn more about the personal side of potential med students. They are the first to delve into this.

The Assn of American Medical Colleges identifies 15 core competencies for incoming med students.

These fall in four categories--interpersonal, intrapersonal, thinking and reasoning, and science.

CasPER measures ethics, empathy, collaorbation, resiliency and advocacy, among others. The applicants view 12 video or text-based scenarios and respond in writing to three questions about each.

I hope maybe they can weed out weird phobias--such as disdain for weight or the desire to get in a power struggle with patients who may not buy into everything said or offered.

I also once saw a show where a gynecologist hated feet and was wrinkling his nose in disgust because a woman's feet in the stirrups were close to his head.

Who knows what these people are thinking...

Well, maybe Rutgers.

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