Friday, July 03, 2015

Don't blow off a finger--OK?

I guess most people know fireworks are explosives and explosives are dangerous.

Even so-called "safe ones," such as sparklers, can be 2000 degrees F.

In 2014,  more than ten thousand people turned up in ERs with fireworks injuries. Most of t these were around July 4, of course.

Keep these away from kids--even if you supervise--more than half of kids injured were being supervised. Dad--hear that?

Some safety tips:

--Observe all local laws.
--Never allow kids to play with or light fireworks--even sparklers
--Older children should be closely supervised
--Buy from reliable sellers
--If packaged in brown paper--they may be for public use and thus filled with lots of whallop
--Read and follow labels (again, Dad)
--Be sure everyone is out of range before lighting
--Light fireworks on smooth dry surfaces--never around dried grass or leaves
--NEVER relight duds that did not go off!
--Light one at a time
--Dispose of by soaking in water 15 mins after firing and then put in trash
--Never light fireworks in a glass or metal container
--Never point fireworks at someone, even in fun
--Don't carry fireworks in your pocket
--Whoever lights the fireworks should wear ear and eye protection
--Use long matches, not cigarettes or lighters
--Never shorten or lengthen a fuse


We used to wave sparklers around. I loved those curling black snake things...but they were hot, too.

My father also had a little cannon his dad had brought back from the Spanish-Am War. He set it off on the Fourth. The police always showed up. But then they started helping.

A different time, no doubt. But wouldn't you rather eat ice cream than sit in an ER?


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