Monday, July 27, 2015

Moms can get bad baby advice

I want my pacifier--and I want it now.
One thing almost everyone has an opinion on--how to raise kids. The most bossy--those with no kids. But I digress.

Tara Haelle, HealthDay, says new mothers get conflicting advice. Well, no kidding.

Often this advice goes against that of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Babies do not come with manuals--or in some cases, there are too many manuals (books). Parents are more likely, studies show, to follow advice from medical professionals--but not always.

Researchers in a recent Pediatrics study, looked at 1,000 mothers with tots between two and six months old. They asked what advice the moms got on vaccines, breast feeding, pacifiers, and infant sleep position and location.

Mothers got most of their advice from doctors--but those doctors did not follow AAP advice.

Fifteen percent of the advice from doctors on breast feeding and pacifiers did not match AAP recommendations. Twenty-six percent on sleep positions contradicted AAP recommendations. And nearly 29% got contradctory advice on where babies should sleep.

Mothers also got advice from family members between 30% and 60% of the time. More than a fifth of the family advice on breast feeding did not match AAP recommendations.

More than a quarter of mothers who got vaccine advice from the media received information not suported by the AAP.

While getting most info from doctors was good--don't be afraid to discuss and question, the researchers said.

I remember the nurse in the hospital handing our daughter to her dad, who joked, "They bounce if they hit the floor, right?" She looked horrified!

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