Wednesday, July 29, 2015

OK, preggos--here goes your excuse

As a lifelong fat person (with a couple of short-lived thin periods), I could not wait to eat for two when I got pregnant.

Now, those killjoy scientists at the Imperial College of London say that pregnancy hormones may make your intestines swell so you can get more nutrition out of a normal amount of food.

Eating for two is unnecessary, they say. "Our internal organs are not a fixed size," one commented somewhat disturbingly.

Wait--these experiments were done in fruit flies. Mice, rat, and cow guts get larger during pregnancy, the scientists noted hopefully.

Keep at it, docs. But for now, the most convincing remark I ever heard about why one does not need to chow down unduly is that the baby is only the size of a peanut and then maybe a pear and then on up. How much does it need to eat? Even full fledged toddlers only eat a few spoonfuls a meal.

Still, I remember scarfing quite a few stuffed grapeleaves. Remember it fondly.

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