Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Please secure windows

Children climb up, explore everyplace, they are fast--and they fall out of windows.

Falls from windows cause more serious injuries than any other fall kids take.

They studied this at Loyola.

--Keep furniture away from windows--esp cribs, changing tables, or anything kids can use to climb. (My ex could climb out of his crib before he could walk.)

--Screens keep insects out--but don't keep kids in! Use a window guard (Google)--one that releases in case of fire.

--Or use window stops that only allow a 4-inch opening. (I used to put a nail in the side of the sash.)

--Keep windows locked when you can.

--Do not allow kids to play on balconies or roofs.

--If you can put chips or grass beneath windows.

This child is thinking about the window--you are not. You must think about it ahead of time.

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