Thursday, July 30, 2015

When kids get headaches

When we kids said we had a headache, our parents would say kids don't get headaches. We sort of accepted this and felt better.

But, of course, kids do get headaches. According to a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children's, 10% of school age kids and 15-27% of teens experience them from time to time.

The most common causes in children are:

Poor hydration--not drinking enough water, especially in hot weather.

Diet.--does your child skip meals?  Too much caff in soda can also cause headaches.

Sleep--kids in middle school need 10-12 hours a night. Less than 10 hours means not being well rested.

Stress--obviously this can result in head pain.

Vision problems--these can definitely cause headaches. Get your child's eyes checked.

Family history--it never falls far from the tree--if a parent gets headaches, the child may be prone to them, too.

For a headache, try giving the child water and ibuprofen. Follow the dosage on the package carefully. Don't give this more than three times a week--more often and call the pediatrician.

If the child wakes from a severe headache or vomits--this may need more investigation.

If it is something like a migraine, they have behavioral and pharmaceutical approaches that can make a big difference.

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