Tuesday, August 04, 2015

All about dirt it's fit to print

A friend is getting some East Coast garden tomatoes today from a friend--yum, remember those, juicy, right in the garden row?

It's all in the dirt. In celebration of The Year of the Soil, the Soil Science Society of America is coordinating a year-long program to educate people about ...well, dirt.

"Healthy humans need healthy soil" is the rallying cry.

The calcium in broccoli--from the dirt. Proteins in wheat--from nitrogen in the soil.

Soil provides a structure for plants--to stabilize them. The soil is teeming with useful organisms.

Check out: http://soilsmatter.wordpress.com

Remember hearing about crop rotation in school? I do. Or fertilizer runoff? Watch for these videos to better appreciate dirt!

And enjoy those succulent tomatoes.

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