Thursday, August 20, 2015

Check out your doctor

We have a pretty decent online checking system for physicians (MDs and osteopaths) in Arizona. But it only goes back five years in terms of whether a doctor has been disciplined for unethical or dangerous actions.

Doctors can leave one state, get licensed in another, and usually you can't find out. The state database will only have disciplinary actions in that state.

Now, the Federation of State Medical Boards has replatformed its checking system and opened it free to everyone.

Seventy state medical and osteopathic boards feed info into this.

The url is

Enter your doctor's name and you can learn:

Whether the doctor has been discplined by a state medical board

States in which the physician is now licensed.

What medical school he or she went to

Location of the practice

And specialty accreditation

I tried a few docs and found this skimpier than the Arizona one--on undergrad schooling, for instance. But it does go back more throughly on discplining.

You'd be amazed at what you can learn--a doctor paid a judgment or maybe more than one, he or she got a warning letter--and you can find out the reason.

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