Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Depression isn't catching

I have wondered if my usual "pragmatic" (read glass half empty) self may be bringing others down. I really don't want to do that--but it's not my nature to be all chirpy, say things like "it's all good," or just generally lark around like Pollyanna on crack.

I expect the worst, imagine it, plan for it--and if something good happens, it's unexpected and wonderful. If not--at least I was correct.

I wouldn't call this mindset depression, but when I read about this study, I felt better.

Some British researchers at the Univ of Warwick Medical School says at least among teenagers, kids with a "healthy" mood can help prevent depression among those so inclined--without becoming depressed themselves.

Friendship among adolescents should be encouraged!

They looked at more than 2,000 adolescents in a network of US HS students. They tracked "low mood" and "healthy mood" across the group. (Proceedings of the Royal Society)

--The mathematical model they used showed that kids who have five or more mentally healthy friends have half the probability of being depressed, compared with kids with no mentally healthy friends.

--Teens wtih 10 healthy friends have double the probability of recovering from depressive symptoms compared to kids with only three healthy friends.

My thought was why would 10 healthy people want to hang around one buzzkill? But you know how skeptical I am.

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