Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kids eating fewer fruits and veggies since new regs came in

Kids! They can be perverse.

Congress is about to vote on reauthorizing the healthier lunch regulations--and a new study in Public Health Reports (online), Aug 25, found students were putting more healthy stuff on their trays but consuming less of it, increasing waste by 35%.

The researchers at the Univ of Vermont looked in the trash bins--kids were taking whole apples and then tossing them. They took digital pix of trays as they left the cashier, then estimated what was tossed.

When kids selected, they preferred processed fruits and veggies, such as the tomato paste on pizza. Or 100% fruit juice.

Some ideas to prevent this?

--Cut up veggies and serve them with dip or mixed into the meal.

--Slice fruits rather than serving them whole.

--Get kids involved with gardening or Farm-to-School programs.

--Public health programs that push fruit and veggies at home.

The biggest hope is kindergarteners who enter school under the guidelines...They will know no other way.

But will even that kid peel an orange?

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