Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Poison-resistant head lice--oh, barf!

Every parent of a school kid knows the "pain" of head lice. The inspections, the sending home, the bedding washing, the trips to the drugstore to get remedies, what a disgusting nuisance.

And NOW comes the fabulous news that in 25 states, the vermin are getting immune to the usual remedies recommended by doctors. This gem is being explored at the current American Chemical Society meeting.

They tested 109 lice populations (what a job) and 104 were immune to pyrethrins.

Apparerntly this has been coming on since 2000.

The researchers gathered samples from 30 states. Yup--the "little creatures" as one scientist chartiably called them, were thriving on pyrethrins in most cases.

What's left? Prescription remedies.

My daughter once did a science fair projecton head lice. She drew huge "hairs" and pasted seed pearls on to be the eggs. The judges were not amused.

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