Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Put your mettle to the pedal?

The University of Iowa is apparently worried about desk potatoes and provided workers with portable pedaling devices that fit under the desk, providing them with a way to exercise all day long. (Sedentary jobs have risen 83% since 1950.)

Those who pedaled a lot were more likely to lose weight, had improved concentration and fewer sick days.

The key is each worker needed his or her own device and one that was easy to pedal.

An essential component was privacy--put an exercise bike in the hall and no one will use it. Usually only the fittest people use the office gyms.

They did a 16-week study. People pedaled 50 mins a day on average.

At the end, 70% of the participants opted to keep their little device.

Oh--and the scientists sent them three emaiols a week reminding them to sit up straight, stand up sometimes, and so on.

OK, Mom.

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