Monday, August 17, 2015

The Drinkable Book (TM)

Drinking bad water causes millions of deaths around the world each year. But now some creative types have invented The Drinkable Book.

Each page is impregnated with anti-bacterial silver and copper nanoparticles with killing capabilities--killing of bad flora and fauna, not people.

They tested it at the Univ of Virginia on simulated "bad water" and then on "real" contaminated water in Africa.

Even with the worst contamination, the "pages" of the book, with their silver and copper-nanoparticle paper, filtered out 99.9% of the dangerous stuff.

Each page of the book is printed with water safety instructions, both in English and in the target country's language.

A page cleans 26 gallons--and the whole book would last an individual 4 years.

Cool, huh?

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Adam said...

This is exceptionally great. Especially if they are going to be able to keep the cost down to what they are hoping, a mere $0.10 a page, or filter. Having a water filter that is this cheap to be able to remove the bacteria from the water in even the most contaminated waters is great. However, they will have to work on it more for it to be able to also remove viruses as these are present in most waters in the areas in which these are most needed.