Monday, August 10, 2015

Where does US stand on slurping down sugary drinks?

My daughter brought me a Coke the other day--I realized I had not had one for six months or more. It wasn't a big woo.

Some scientists at Tufts reported in PLOS ONE that of the three beverages--sugar-sweetened drinks, fruit juices and milk--consumption of all three was lowest in East Asia and the consumption of the sugar-sweetened ones highest in the Caribbean.

The younger adults tended more to the sugar-sweetened stuff, the older adults toward milk.

OK--on sugar-sweetened drinks:

--Globally, highest in men 20-39---more than an 8 oz serving a day.

--Women over 60--a third of  an 8 oz serving a day.

--In the Caribbean, for both, more than 2 servings a day.

--East Asia--a fifth of a serving a day.

Fruit juices:
--Highest in women, a fifth of an 8 oz serving a day

--Consumption went up by income level

--In the US, adults drank a fifth of a serving a day--21st out of 185 countries


Women over 60--2/3s of a serving a day

Men 20-39--half a serving

--Wealthier countries--more milk consumed

--In the US--2/3 of a serving--64th out of 187 countries

So? I see people in wealthier countries able to afford more milk and juice.

Is this interesting? Give me another Coke and I will think about it. For one thing, I bet the sugar-sweetened Caribbean drinks contain some rum...

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