Monday, August 03, 2015

Why do some people become addicted to drugs?

Not a great plan.
The best way to prevent drug addiction is to not take drugs.

But sometimes people need pain-killing opiates or for social or emotional reasons, get sucked into drug taking. Whether you get addicted or not can depend on how you take them, according to researchers at the Univ of Montreal.

The amount of drugs is a factor, they say, but the speed with which the substance enters and leaves the brain is also a factor.

For example, if you smoke a joint, the cannabis in the brain increases then decreases faster than the cannabis in a brownie. Increasing then decreasing quickly can lead to addiction--the wanting of more.

These researchers looked at a lot of the literature and dissected clinical results.

A drug (methadone, for example) can be addictive if smoked, but therapeutic if swallowed or administred by a skin patch (nicotine).

Injection and smoking are most likely to lead to addiction.

The brain adapts to what it gets--if it gets a big increase, it adapts to it.

These principles will be used to find a drug that counters cocaine addiction--so far, a toughie.

For now--the doctors say smoking or injection--you are more likely to become addicted. You heard it here first.

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