Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why zombies are so necessary to us

I didn't happen to latch onto the THE WALKNG DEAD, but I know people who did.

Why did rotting corpses with an insatiable appetite for human flesh get so popular?

Chris Hansen, an independent filmmaker and chair of Baylor's film and digital media department, thinks he knows.

Fear, he says. We fear the unknown, and the future is always unknown. He says we could imagine a world flattened by nuclear war--but this terrorism thing is coming from within. We have turned against ourselves.

Zombies are a release valve--we can funnel our anxieties into them. We can fulfill a fantasy of how we could cope.

A new show is coming, FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD--this is before the zombies have taken over. How do people come to terms with what is happening.

In other words, we will watch the breakdown of society.

Do we need zombies for that--or are the icky ones a manageable, almost campy version of the breakdown that we can stand?

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