Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Could Vitamin C replace exercise?

A paper at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin suggests that taking Vitamin C supplements daily can have similar cardiovascular effects as regular exercise in overweight or obese adults who find it difficult to walk for exercise.

The blood vessels in these individuals have an elevated activity of small vessel-constricting protein (ET). Because of this high activity, these vessels are more prone to constrict, becoming less responsive to blood flow demand--and more at risk for developing vascular disease.

Exercise reduces ET-1 activity, but if you are overweight, exercising is more difficult.

So, a study at the Univ of Colorado Boulder examined whether Vitamin C also lowers ET-1 activity.

They found that a daily supplement of 500 mg, time release, reduced ET-1-related vessel constriction as  much as walking did.

They pronounced this an effective lifestyle strategy for overweight and obese adults.

There are few side efx from taking Vitamn C--maybe creating expensive urine as most is excreted. There are some interaction problems with other drugs.

Will I get on such a regimen? I will need more info--for one thing, I have heard that older systems cannot break down time release pills as well as younger ones. And I tend to resist most pills.

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