Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hot flash: Young people like peaches

Eighteen to 24-yr-olds are more likely to buy peaches than those 51 to 68.

Young people also like crisp, firm, flavorful peaches. Older people prefer sweet peaches that that melt in your mouth.

This from a survey at the Univ of Florida Gainesville (Hortscience, Aug 2015).

Why do the older people shun peaches...The researchers think it's because they bought bad peaches in the past and turned to other fruits over time.

Overall, consumers like tasty peaches. Well, call the newspapers!

In the study, peaches so sweet no sugar was needed were preferred.

People buy them less for antioxidants than for flavor.

Technically, peaches are categorized as melting, non-melting, or stony hard.  Melting peaches become softer as they ripen and non-melting remains firm and are usually used in canning.

Florida's stone fruit industry has relied on non-melting to the fruit can ripen on the tree. But consumers want melting.

Me, I want cobbler and fresh peach ice cream or a big juicy peach that dribbles juice down my chin.

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