Wednesday, September 09, 2015

How to stop nail biting..maybe

I used to bite my nails as a kid...Was told I would damage the nail bed--don't think that happened but my nails do split sideways sometimes--probably some vitamin deficiency or old age or something.

The American Academy of Dermatology says nail biting usually begins in childhood. They cite all the usual reasons you should not do it--damage to nails, infection in the nail area, conveying germs and viruses to your body as a whole.

To kick the habit:

--Keep nails trimmed short.

--Apply bitter-tasting stuff to the nails--ask the pharmacist (no prescription needed).

--Get regular manicures.

--Cover your nails with tape or stickers.

--Replace nail biting with a good habit--like squeezing a stress ball.

--If you have triggers--such as hangnails--fix them.

If you have tried and tried to quit and can't--consult a doctor. I would not call a doctor for this alone--good grief, call a doctor for nail biting? The doctors I know would laugh you out of the office.

I tried that bitter stuff--or my parents tried it ON me. Got used to it. Now, I don't bite. I have a worse habit--overplucking my facial hair with a tweezers. I may go back to nail biting. Haven't decided.

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