Friday, September 25, 2015

I am not really a "green" expert...

Gorgeous, huh?
 Go meatless, eat a plant-based diet, everything is melting (or freezing more), all the palaver over environmental issues is hard to unravel. You're a dope, yeah, well you're stupid--I put my hands over my ears!

But in my dealings with city hall here in AZ over my yard--they want me to poison my stray grass--claiming my yard can either be all rocks or all grass, not a mixture--I am getting a little more focused.

Why can't it be a mixture if it's neatly kept? I like green amongst the beige. The beige rocks look like bomb rubble. Ugly.

Even though my daughter pitched a fit saying let them take us to court! WhatEVs...I got the grass poisoned. The landscaper used something called Pin Dee 3.3 T&O to prevent anything from sprouting for (he said) 5 mos.

The day after he did it--turning the ugly beige rocks an evil glowing yellow--I got sick, vomiting. I am sure it was stress--not this concoction (how close is it to Agent Orange, I wondered). But...

The only side efx (besides slaughtering "ornamentals") listed was hives. Didn't get those.

However, in the aftermath, I also read up on the popular weed killer RoundUp. This is the most widely known herbicide. Its main ingredient, "glyphosate" is a known carcinogen--cancer causer.

Used  on genetically modified seeds, this is linked to antibiotics resistance and hormone disruption.

Monsanto introduced this stuff in 1974--it kills weeds by blocking proteins essential to plant growth. Now it's used in 160 countries--I have used it.

Now it has been tweaked so crops tolerate it but weeds still die. It is slathered on both.

What does this mean? We don't know because the US Govt does not test food for pesticide residues.

A recent study by the USGS found it in the rivers and streams of 38 states sampled. It is also in 70% of rainfall samples.

What about the cancer connection? Wishy-washy. "Probably raises the risk of cancer in people exposed."

So the next time you go to Home Depot, you decide.

I still maintain our government, in my case the city, should not be forcing people to slop poison around. Poison has a bad rep. That Bermuda grass never killed anyone.

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