Monday, September 28, 2015

New type of personal tent on horizon

This could be in the "better mousetrap dept." At the Swiss Textiles Assn's Innovation Day, a new startup called Polarmond presented an all-in-one sleeping system.

It is a sleeping bag, mat, and bivouac in one. The sleeper heated by his or her own body heat at temps down to thirty below.

It is a spacious inner room--not just a sleeping bag. And it's lightweight.

They call it Magic Tent.

They faced many challenges--for one thing, the insulated material does not touch the body to hold in the heat. This means humidity from the body gets in the air. This gets trapped in a liner. What's left gets taken up by the warmed air in the sleeping "cell," even if the outdoor temp varies.

I am not very versed in tents--does this sound new, different, and promising?

It may hit the market in March of 2016.

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