Friday, September 18, 2015

Shrink pool shrinking

No--it has not come to this...
I can say "shrink" for psychiatrist because my father was one. (I know--explains so much.)

Anyhow, the demand for psychiatrists has become so great, lawmakers in many states are expanding so-called telehealth--shrinking via computer.

Bruce Japson,, writes about this. He says demand for psychiatrists is almost as great as the demand for primary care doctors.

A recruiting firm, Medicus, says every fourth placement is a psychiatrist.

Efforts are also made to get more doctors-in-training to choose psychiatry. Texas passed a bill to pay off student loans of doctors who work in underserved areas.

What with the seeming increase in weird behaviors, spree shootings, scary Facebook postings, and so on, maybe we should pay not only the tuition to doctors who choose the mental health area, but also give them a big bonus!

So many people--parents--also can't get their kids the mental help to kick drugs and straighten out.

One issue is that insurance companies are not putting mental health services on a level with physical health reimbursements. A psychiatrist visit takes an hour, a physical one 10 mins. Can you reimburse the shrink 6 times as much?

Is telehealth the answer? Maybe it could be part of an answer.

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