Friday, September 11, 2015

Time to throw out old prescriptions

You know you do it--save old drugs "just in case." Kim Cimarelli, pharmacy manager at Penn State's Milton S Hershey Medical Center, says this is a bad idea.

The FDA also warns that older medication can be dangerous.

--The chemical composition can change as it sits in your hot steamy bathroom cabinet--or anyplace. They can become less potent--or sometimes, MORE so.

--Kids can get to those inviting amber bottles if you have them around.

--Older people can get "confused" and take stuff they should not have and do not need.

--And people self-medicate--"Well, this cleared up Mom's infected eye, worth a try..."

--Many of the overdoses from prescription drugs come from using someone else's.

--And you can become the target of a criminal--stealing from people, say during a party, is easier than sticking people up on the street.

But how do we get rid of this stuff?

--Well, don't flush them down the toilet. There is detectable drug residue in our drinking water and streams.

--Instead go to and find a Take Back Event.

--Many police depts also take back drugs--you don't have to talk to any cops, just throw in the bottles. No needles, aerosols, inhalers, liquids, ointments, or creams.

See? Now this is getting too hard. And the pill hoarding continues. Not by my readers, of course.

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