Friday, October 02, 2015

Cheap roads to fitness

Maybe not depends on you...but at least to get some exercise. It's some "day"--women's fitness or something (I don't DO "days" here, but thought this was a good list).

Some recommendations for exercising on the cheap?

The outdoors is free. For the cost of decent shoes, you can run, jog, or hike. Twenty-two mins a day will increase your lifespan (statistically anyhow).

How about a home gym? The average gym membership is about $60 a month...In five years, that's $3500. You can get dumbbells, a balance ball, resistance bands and even a treadmill (Craigs) for way less.

Or just adapt some household items into weights. Water bottles, big cans, detergent, even 40-lb bags of pet food. Some moms even hoist the kid.

Use your own body weight to provide resistance. Lunges, squats, pushups.

Stream free videos. Check out The Daily Hit or YouTube offerings.

If you like going to a facility, take advantage of cheap trials--you may get several mos of free workouts.

Before you sign a contract, look for deals from the company online. Coupon Sherpa is a good one.

Some retailers also offer free workouts--check. Also, check your local for hiking groups.

You can also barter--how about teaching a few classes to get a few? Or check people in, clean up in the evenings--you can ask anyone anything.

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