Monday, October 12, 2015

Do you have weird leg fat you can't lose?

Ever heard of "lipedema"? Me, either, until I read a story in Marie Claire by Andrea Bartz.

She chronicles several overweight women whose bulk was in their legs, buttocks, and thighs. No matter how much they exercised and how well they ate, it would not dissolve.

The Mayo Clinic first identified lipedema in 1940--it's widely recognized in Europe. Many US docs do not know about it.

It begins during puberty and worsens after pregnancy and menopause.

It is characterized by fatty deposits under the skin. Even after weight loss surgery, the top of the body will thin out but the lower part will remain fat.

The lipedema fat is fibrous--it can contain hard nodules you can feel. This fat also stalls calorie burn. and it can be toxic.

And it can hurt--one gal said the cat jumping on her lap really hurt.

The fat on inner thighs can make arthritis worse and even increase the need for knee replacement surgery.

There is really no treatment--except liposuction--to just get rid of it. Some sufferers also wear compression stockings and garments.

Lipo is usually not covered by insurance, though--so this is a bad thing to have. If you think this is you--ask your doctor about it.

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