Friday, October 16, 2015

Smoking medical weed at work

Safe to drive?
According to a story on the Business Insurance website, a study done in May of Nevada-based small businesses, 19% of such business owners would allow medical marijuana use by employees with prescriptions, while 62% said no. Seventeen percent said they were unsure.

The 62% apparently thought workers under the influence--for whatever reason--risked injuries to themselves, coworkers or customers.

An important first step in dealing with this new realilty is to have a clearly documented workplace policy.

Forty-two percent in the survey did not have this. Seventy-four percent did not require drug tests.

Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is now legal in 24 states and DC.

Ten percent of the employers polled said they had employees show up under the influence.

Some states allow use at home but employees can face consequences if they arrive at work under the influence. Other states have prevented termination for this.

So--basically--this is all over the map. In a state of becoming...

Still, it seems to me that people should not be working in severe pain, either...

Companies need to think this through.

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