Monday, October 05, 2015

UMass Med School developing digital pill

I am not referring to a pill with a camera to wend through your innards. This is a "pill" to allow doctors to monitor patients who do not take their meds as they are supposed to.

As many as 20% of people who get a prescription, do not fill it--and of those who do, half do not take as prescribed.

Now, some researchers at the Univ of Massachusetts has published some preliminary research in the J of Medical Toxicology on an ingestible monitoring device. The patients take the medicine as they normally would. The gelain capsule dissolves and stomach acid activates a transmitter in it. A monitor on the patient's hop then records critical info and sends it to the web.

Within minutes someone knows the patient took it--or did not, at least at the prescribed time.

The first test was on people taking oxycodone for a broken leg.

Ding ding--.hmmm...Would they take another dose of the addictive pain killer too soon?

My alarm went off. But the researchers insist this is good for reminding oldsters to take their meds, too.

I guess I am just not a monitoring type person.

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