Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yummy health spice

Cinnamon. Besides being a great stripper name, it's a happening spice.

According to a site called Black Health Matters, cinnamon shows promise--in animals--of boosting memory. In a controlled study, larger doses of cinnamon resulted in better maze running than lower doses.

A 2013 review of research suggested benefits in Type 2 diabetes. Research is mixed, though. We need larger, randomized studies. It has low risks--but capsule form is probably best for this purpose if you want to try it. (Eating a lot of apple pie is probably not the way here.)

Cinnamaldehyde--which gives cinnamon its color and scent--may stop formation of colorectal cancer--at least in mice. Much mmore research is needed.

Cramps--yuck. In a small study done in Iran, 420 mg of cinnamon a day resulted in fewer menstrual cramps in 24 hours and almmost none by day three. A control group took starch--no help.

Viruses also hate cinnamon. Scientists from Touro College in NYC compared cinnamon to onion, garlic, cloves, peppermint, cocoa and Spanish saffron--and a 10% cinnamon killed a virus after 10 mins. A tablespoon once or twice a day can wipe viruses out of your body, one doctor said.

Just don't choke it down in powder form as some stupid teens try to do.

Personally, I like the pie route, but you know how I am. The toast approach is also good.

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