Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For heaven's sakes, protect those eyes

As most people here know, I am missing sight in one eye--bad surgeries for detached retina. You want both eyes, believe me.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that hospital costs for eye trauma are up 62% in the last decade. You are doing a bad job of eye protection!

What are the causes of this ocular mayhem? Falling and fighting.

Fighting--brawling...how tacky is that?

Serious eye injuries include fractures of the bone around the eye and being pierce by sharp objects.

The average injury costs $20,000 to treat, is painful to the max, and leaves lasting "memories."

And--most are preventable.

The leading cause is falling. And most of those are suffered by people 60 and over. Falling down stairs--a major cause.

And fighting--the top cause for ages 10 to 59. Good grief--why all the fighting? Is this one big fIGHT Club?

Kids get injured in vehicle accidents and by sharp objects. (At my eye surgeon, I saw a youngster with a tree branch sticking out of his eye--his mother was holding it steady.)

Why are such injuries so expensive? Drug costs, speculate the docs. Maybe administrative costs, meaning what I have no idea.

If you are wobbly--try exercises for your core. Put grab bars outside the shower (I need to) and handrails on the stairs. Pick up slippery area rugs. Don't move furniture around.

Your eyes come with a spare--but take it from me--two work better than one.

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