Monday, November 16, 2015

No holiday illnesses!

Isn't this the saddest?
For people with allergies, the holidays, with the importation into the home of weird plant matter and scents and substances, can be sneezy-wheezy.

Most people are allergic year-round, says Allergist Bryan Martin, DO, president of the Am Coll of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). When pollen season dies down, mold,dust and dander step in or are more noticeable...and then come the hols.

The key is know your triggers and try to avoid. Some triggers are:

Cold, dry air.Cover  your mouth and nose with a scarf or mask.

Strange rooms in homes or hotels.  Ask about allergy-free rooms. Be sure to lug along all your meds when traveling.

The tree. Ornaments and decorations from the attic may be dusty. Clean thoroughly before using. Then store in air-tight boxes. If you get a "real" tree--know that terpene (in the sap), along with mold spores that can ride in on trees, can be a risk.

Food prepared by other people. You may be aware of your or your kids' allergies in cooking at home, but others are not. Give the host or hostess a headsup or stay alert yourself. Kids can also be on the lookout. And google for allergy-free recipes--start a new tradition of not feeling crummy.

This should not ruin Christmas--just keep it in mind. Why suffer?

And remember pets, too--mistletoe is poisonous--stick with plastic. Once a cat I had ate one holly berry--and almost died.

From that year on, the vet called him Mr Holly Berry.

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