Friday, November 13, 2015

Pharmacists--an accessible professional

Thought you could use a laugh,
I got a flu shot this year. Some years I don't. But I heard they had matched the vaccine to the strains coming in pretty well. My pharmacist administered it.

You know how hard it is to "ask your doctor"? Well, it's easy to ask a pharmacist. reveals the importance of knowing your meds.

--It's dangerous to just throw down pills without know what they are for--and the potential side efx.

--You need to keep a medication list.

--You need to know how to tell if the meds are working.

--And you need to take it as prescribed--not when you think of it, or every other day to save money, and things like that.

Some appalling facts:

---60% of people misunderstand the instructions on the bottle. Does four a day mean every six hours even at night?

--50% of hospital medication errors occur because patients forget to tell the doctors all of their meds, including supplements and over-the-counter.

--The time you take a medication can be crucial--some blood pressure meds should be taken at night.

There are 290,000 pharmacists in the country. They spent a lot of time in school. They can even answer questions doctors can't.

And they are right there a few blocks from you--no appt needed.

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