Friday, November 06, 2015

Soda and junk food may not be the big villains

If you read any NYT or WashPost comment section, the self-righteous harp cruelly on how they see overweight people stuffing in the Big Macs or buying the Big Gulps. Tsk tsk tsk.

So some professors at Cornell examined national data from 2007-8, describing people's eating habits based on their body mass index (BM). Surprise! Those with a healthy weight ate identical amounts of the "forbidden" foods as those who were obese.

If you take out both ends--chronically underweight and morbidly obese--the remaining 95% of the population were not affected by fast food and sugary sodas.

Basically, they CAN make you fat, but that doesn't mean they ARE.

The culprits are a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of veggies and fruits.

Concentrating on sodas and fast food--say by taxing them--squanders public health resources, the docs say.

Make of this what you will. Like most "memes" that get going, this one will die hard. People just love to judge too much--look at that guy eating that Big Mac, "Krispy Kreme" Christie," her cart is full of chips, etc.

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