Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Try non-antibiotic remedies for kids's minor stuff

My own kid, who is 33 not 3, is complaining about an earache. I suggested half water/half rubbing alcohol, in, then out... Someone else said maybe antibiotic ointment to melt in without going through the whole body. I also read vinegar, in, out, stopped the pain immediately.

She was not impressed--saying she had even put garlic in there. What? How many things has she tried...? The pain was OK now, she added.

I do know they already have backed off the amoxicillin 10 day thing from when she was a kid. All because of antibiotic resistance...Take too much of this stuff and the bugs get immune to it and can really wallop you or someone who catches what you have.

Stony Brook Children's Hospital in New York, agrees with the CDC that this resistance is a public health threat.

First rule: Antibiotics only cure bacterial infections. Not the flu, not bronchitis, most sore throats, or runny noses.

Second. Antibiotics can also kill the healthy bacteria in your intestines--allowing more harmful tupes to get a foothold. The result? Diarrhea.

Treat minor ailments at home first! Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids (imagine them washing out the crud), avoid smoking, secondhand smoke, and take acetaminophen (as directed!) or ibuprofen (also OK for kids over 6 mos) to relieve fever or pain. Sooth throats with lozenges (older kids), ice chips or popsicles.

If it's an allergy--you definitely don't need antibiotics.

Discourage kids from sharing toys and snacks

Wash hands a lot...Get vaccines on time...

You know all this.

I would add one thing--don't try too many home remedies at once. It sounds like my daughter made a salad in her ear.

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Star Lawrence said...

She finally tried an antiseptic wash called HibiClens--ever tried it? Good stuff--liquid soap that really kills.