Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas is about food--but don't eat any

Like a bowl full of jelly--right.
Yes--the holiday paradox. Foods are comfort and joy, traditional, delicious--but here come the nannies with their articles on how to not eat a lot at a buffet or how to make low-cal fruitcake.

Finger wagging all around.

I try to steer clear of the "diets" on this site--I have tried them all and regained. But I did see a story from Texas Tech on holiday food "myths."

Of course, it started with how the "it's only once a year" rationalization contributed to the obesity epidemic," blah blah.

They said people gain 1-2 pounds between T-Day and C-Day. And they don't lose it---which means 10-20 pounds over 10 years (is this a word problem?).

Myth: It's only once a year. Texas Tech nutritional science gurus say oh--but it isn't once a year anymore--we binge all the time. And at the holidays--this can be a month or more of bingeing.

Myth: Splurging on high-fat foods is always a bad idea. Wrong! It can be OK if you eat small portions. Pick a special treat and stick with that, they say. No seconds.

Myth: If the host puts the food away too soon, people will eat more of it. You can't eat what isn't there,.

Myth: The end of November is a good time to start a diet. Sure--want to fail, go ahead.

Myth: Liquid calories don't count. Oh, they count and they add up, our Texas gurus tell us. Have a favorite drink, then switch to water. Water, got it.

Myth: Skipping meals will allow for party time. Well, we know this one isn't true.

Myth: You can't have fun without gaining weight. They say potluck is fun--and bring a healthy dish like fruit salad. Make everything look beautiful--people will eat it.

They also said something about making unhealthy treats healthier--using low-fat dairy, whole wheat flour instead of white, reduced sugar--I sort of zoned out...

I suppose the no seconds thing could help. What about it, Santa, you eat millions of cookies.

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