Friday, December 11, 2015

Eating disorders can be a challenge this time of year

Food, food--everyplace... Cookies, cakes, roasts, plum pudding (whatever that is). This can trigger bulemic behavior (bingeing and purging),

Those with anorexia--refusing food or keeping it to the barest of minimums as a self-control mechanism--can also see their perfectionistic tendencies challenged.

The holidays are a time when people say, "Eat, eat," but also a time where people then switch to talking about weight. This according to Dr Martha Levine, director of the eating disorders programs at Penn State.

She suggests her patients seek out a supportive family member ahead of time who can divert the conversation when it turns to filling up the plate or offering seconds.

When food appears at unexpected times of the day:

--Go for a walk.

--Suggest a game everyone can play.

Emotions are like weather, Levine tells her patients--they pass.

As for guests--remember, saying things like "You look healthy" to a person with an eating disorder is like saying "You look fat." Try to concentrate on inner qualities--you are so peppy these days.

Remember also--saying nothing after the eating disorder has been known for a while, can also be a trigger.

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