Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Fight the winter blues

From the site Black Health Matters comes advice for people of all races on how to counter the cold and dreary weather blahs. You may be flat, eat a lot of caloric comfort food, and just generally blob around.

But there are some steps you can take, if you can muster the pep to try them.

--Exercise! You knew I would say that, right? Ignore the temptation to stay in bed--get up and take a brisk walk. This also boosts your immune system. Come on--two and a half hours a day of moderate activity--you can do it.

--Eat healthy foods. You may want starch, sugar, and fatty staples. But these can only perk you for awhile--then the moodiness returns in force. Try more beans, nuts, fruits, whole grains even.

--Maybe this is even the time for sun therapy. Go out while the sun is shining. This wakes up your body and regulates your sleep cycle. Positive thinker Norman Vincent Peale used to say that even thinking about the sun, it's size, it's golden beauty and warmth, could be enough.

--Make a point to socialize. Family, friends, coworkers. You will laugh more.

--Practice relaxation. Five minutes of meditation can help you step back from stress.

--Sleep. You need your 7-8 hours--just not 12-14.

I am sitting here freezing typing this...but I do see the sun out the window. It's a little thin, a little light lemony, but I know it's a good thing.

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