Monday, December 07, 2015

Give safe toys this Christmas

Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt offers some safety tips for toy buyers.

Recalls of outrageously bad toys are dropping, but you still need to think before you buy.

Keep the child's age in mind--but also the ages of all other kids in the household.  Read labels carefully.

--Be sure there are no small parts or other choking hazards if there are small children in the house.

--Look for quality construction--stuffed animal eyes that don't pull out, little accessories that fit in mouths.

--Check toys lying around for chipped paint, missing parts, or sharp edges.

--Make sure crayons and markers are labeled non-toxic.

--Avoid marbles and balls with a diameter under 1-3/4 inches.

--Balloons should be Mylar, not latex. Never allow children to blow them up or deflate them.

--New bike--don't forget the helmet.

--Scooters, skateboards and other riding toys--also helmets.

--Electronics--those button batteries are harmful if swallowed.

--New TV--wall mount it--don't put it on a shelf where it can be pulled over.

--Projectile toys such as air rockets, darts, and slingshots--no for any age.

--Chargers--can burn children.

--BB guns. These are not toys.

Just stop and think. Children are masters at using toys for results not intended. You need to stay ahead of their "creativity."

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