Monday, December 21, 2015

Ha ha--veggie diet may increase carbon emissions

Why does she hate the earth
so much?
With all the crunchy granola folks snooting around about their veggie and vegan ways, I laughed at a recent Wash Post story by Peter Whoriskey (Dec 18, 2015).

This anti-meat bias, of course, has found its way into the national Dietary Guidelines, which tout veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. T-bones, not so much.

A paper from Carnegie Mellon, though, found that the plant-based stuff takes a greater environmental toll than the typical American diet. Adopting the Guidelines would increase energy use by 38%, water by 10%, and greenhouse gas emissons by 6%.

Needless to say, the profs expected to find the opposite.

While beef eating may indeed have a bad environmental impact--the amount of grain to raise a steer plus their methane-loaded um...farts, well, it does impact the biosphere.

Of course, the crunchies leapt on this immediately...oh no! The impact of different foods varies widely...Lettuce generates three times the greenhouse gases as pork. so maybe all this is sort of ...relative.

But one figure stands out--40% or more of fruit goes to waste...only 33% of meat does. Does that count for anything?

Mercifully, kale was not mentioned.

I see this as like the hybrid car or electric car thing--they run on electricity, true--but electricity runs on coal and natural gas...

Everything is a tradeoff.

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