Friday, December 04, 2015

Hanging lights can hurt your....feet

Many people fall from ladders while putting up lights--and land directly on their feet, fracturing the heel bone. This bone, called the calcaneus, connects the rest of the leg bones to the foot and anchors the Achilles tendon. In other words--you need it.

A heel bone fracture is a life-changing event, says Pedro Cosculluela, MD, a Houston Methodist orthopedic surgeon. Fracturing it can also lead to infection in surrounding soft tissues.

Even if the break does not come through the skin, signs of fracture are a blueish color of the skin or tenting of the skin. Surgery with plates and screws if often necessary.


Take extra precautions with those lights.

--Inspect the ladder prior to climbing it.

--Extend the latter at least three feet above the roof--never stand on the top step.

--Secure the latter to the house--or have someone spot you and hold it.

If it's icy up there--well, the answer is obvious.

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