Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recommended dietary guidelines--foreign edition

According to Julia Belluz, VOX, the Dept of Agriculture in the United States seems to never tire of tweaking the way Americans should eat. But does this obsession reach to other countries? Of course! Bureaucrats around the world love to sling the diet advice.


Fruit, veggies and water are at the bottom of the pyramid (meaning eat lots). But biscotti (cookies), riso-pasta (rice and pasta) and salumi (cured meats) are food groups.


Canada breaks it down as to what people should eat based on gender and age. BUT--foods like chocolate milk and pudding make it on the list of healthy choices.


This chart is upside down by our standards--the top is the foods people should eat the most of. Here we find grain-based items (rice, bread, noodles, pasta). Hey--don't we usually hear that Japanese people scarf the veggies?


Brazil is impressive. They don't emphasize nutrients, calories or weight loss. They focus on meals and encourage people to cook at home and resist the seduction of Big Agriculture (special interests). They say things like do not substitute packages soups for freshly prepared dishes.

Sweden is even more trusting of its population. "People know perfectly well what they should eat," the Swedes say. "It's no secret vegetables are good for you and sugar isn't."

Bon apetit!

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