Friday, January 15, 2016

Could vitamin D supplements cause more falling?

The conventional wisdom is that older people fall more and need vitamin D supplements and calcium to make them more sturdy so they don't fall as much or if they do, so their bones don't snap as often.

BUT--in a study at the University of California San Francisco---it seems that raising vitamin D rates to 30 ng/ml--the new gold standard--can cause rather than prevent falls.

While--the researchers emphasized--vit D and calcium supps have been proven to prevent falls and fractures in patients who are homebound or in long-term care facilities, for other people there is no consistent evidence that these supplements help reduce falls or fractures.

Vitamin D supplementation has been claimed to have many benefits, such a prevention of cancer and heart disease, but this is not supported by clinical trials.

Now, the docs think maybe the old standard for a blood level of vitamin D--20 not 20 ng/ml--might carry less risk.

But, of course, until we have the science, they tell us people 70 and older should get 800 IU vitamin D a day--from the sun and from milk, fortified yogurt, and salmon and tuna. always...back to you.

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