Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Do little kids who eat veggies eat less candy?

Little kids love them both.
Public health officials have long assumed the answer is yes... They said they thought "that is the way the world was."

But--then they did a study. Ohio State researchers checked some low-income neighborhoods in Columbus and found that preschoolers who ate fruits and veggies and drank milk many times a day were just as likely to eat foods high in sugar and salt as those who rarely ate healthy foods.

A larger, national study is underway.  But based on this, the scientists said it was probably not enough to have a farmer's market and healthy choices available--and that the emphasis should be on pointing out the bad side of the unhealthy choices.

In other words, good does not automatically replace bad.

Carrot sticks, a salad, fries with cheese, a burger, a glass of milk, a soda...it was all in the mix.

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