Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Even "Eat Locally" Seattle couldn't

Locavores, eat locally--the buzz is to eat foods from nearby. Think about Crunchy Granola Seattle--surely that burg could live off food grown in the city or very nearby, right?

Wrong--only 1-4% of the population could live off urban crops. Scientists determined this by looking at current land use, light availability, and the national nutritional guidelines.

The net would have to be considerably widened and repurposed to meet 100% of Seattle's food needs, if that would even be possible.

To meet the nutritional needs of people eating a vegetarian diet, only about 6,000 people (1% of the population) could be fed if all single-family backyards were converted to urban farms.

Too often, the researchers said, people eat a salad from veggies grown by the homeowner and assume it amounts to eating locally.

They are plunging ahead, though, to think of ways to make Seattle more sustainable.

The problem is Seattle is densely populated and surrounded by mountains...There is only so much room to spread.

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