Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hot and happenin' at the grocery store

According to the Food Marketing Institute as quoted in a story on the website Black Health Matters, 37,716 supermarkets took more than $638 billion of our money in 2014.  We average 1.5 visits a week and by we, I mean 70% women.

So the stores are getting more creative.

In-store entertainment. Watch for special events such as cooking demos, product sampling, and nutritional tours. A store in Ohio lets customers sample wine along with snacks around the store on special occasions.

Cafes. More and more stores are putting in cafes and bistros. Starbucks is even going inside stores.

Digital. Those millennials--they want electronic shelf labels beaming info to their phones.

Smallerization. The big stores are going small. This will be seen more in urban areas. More intimate--and yes, probably more expensive.

Online shopping. This is growing. (I use it.) There is a company called Instacart, for example, which lets customers order online and personal shoppers then find the items and deliver them. Curbside pickup of groceries ordered online will also be featured in coming years.

I like the wine idea...Pairs well with Kraft Dinner.

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