Friday, January 29, 2016

How America eats

Here you go--lunch!
Was yakking with a friend on "good" and "bad" foods. We decided we have no idea what we should eat, even if we felt like doing something we "should." No meat? In my case, no dairy (bad innards). Everyone blats about sugar--don't eat that. So no desserts.  Wheat is out--so no bread. Green veggies are bitter--to keep off insects--but those are OK (except they also tear up my innards).

I keep returning to the idea of eating a varied diet--those food groups--protein, carbs, fats--in decent rotation and sensible
                                                         amounts (no seconds).

According to the Institute for Food Technologists, 47 million adults in this country describe themselves as foodies...Live to eat not eat to live types. This is 36% Millennials, 32% Boomers.

Eaten more now than 10 years ago--yogurt is number one. Followed by bottled water, pizza, poultry sandwiches, Mexican, fresh fruit, bars, frozen sandwiches, chips and pancakes.

More meals are eaten at home now, with a decline in going out.

A fourth of consumers eat soup once a week.

Twenty-eight percents of consumers prepare ethninc food more than five yrs ago.

More than half buy prepared items like rotisserie chicken.

For the first time in five, years "indulgent" snacks outpaced healthy choices.

To me, this looks like a varied diet...Certainly all the food groups are not ruled out. What the heck are we supposed to eat with no meat, no bread, no fat, no sugar...Kale? Don't answer that.

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