Thursday, January 28, 2016

The pain in rain

Sophie Freeman, EXPRESS (UK), writes about the complaint that damp or rainy days make arthritis hurt more.

Some people also think a flare-up can predict a coming storm.

A team at the University of Manchester asked people all across Britain to report in on their mobiles (as they call them there).

They are hoping with this data they can forecast pain just as they do weather...a Pain Index.

The team leader, a rheumatologist, says for years his patients linked pain to weather...The cold, the damp, humidity or even heat making pain worse. Patients have different experiences, but each stays true to that person.

A pain forecast, said one patient, would allow her to manage her life better.

I exchange emails with a friend on our pain--she thinks the cold is worse...I think the damp gives me fits.

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