Monday, January 04, 2016

This bullying thing is out of control

Brats will be brats. We had bullies when I was a kid--usually some low-class punk who had everyone cowed.

Now it's more likely to be some mean girls who so relentlessly attack online that insecure classmates contemplate or even commit suicide.

More than 43% of teens are being bullied online. Usually the parents are the last to know.

You have to be a detective to get this out of a kid, apparently.

Watch for:

--Emotional upset or anxiety
--Frequent headaches and stomachaches
--Faking illness
--Unexplainable injuries (whoa!)
--Changes in eating habits
--Poor sleep/nightmares
--A drop in school performance
--Trying to get out of school
--Loss of friends
--Not wanting to go to parties or social occasions
--Low self-esteem
--Runnng away or hopeless thoughts of suicide

You need to insure your kid's safety, at very least. If you see several of these signs, try to gouge it out of the child--maybe while alone in the car.

This is serious stuff when injuries and suicide are mentioned. But the rejection and heartache can also take a big toll.

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