Friday, January 08, 2016

Yes, you did see a purple margarita

No more dietary guidelines, food pyramids, bossy advice--today something completely different. Purple limes!

A University of Florida horticultural scientist named Manjul Dutt and his colleague Jude Grosser are into making developing a lavender margarita.

They found out that genetically engineered limes have some similar genetic factors as that expressed in grape skin and blood orange pulp. They have a protein that induces the process that creates the "red" in wine and which causes limes to develop a range of colors in the pulp ranging from dark purple to fuchsia.

These bioflavinoids are also good for you.

Blood oranges containing these anthrocyanins need cold to develop their vibrant color (say in Spain or Italy).

So the Florida guys used genes isolated from the red grape Ruby Seedless and the blood orange Moro to move toward a Florida-friendly blood orange.

They are tinkering in the same way with limes.

Looks beautiful, sounds yummy...but of course, the anti-GMO crowd will not be drinking to this one.

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